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This is our other service stream that takes all of the guess work, confusion, and home exercise out of the equation when it comes to rehab for a condition or injury. 


Physical Therapy Session
  • Our Rehab focusses on addressing a specific problem for a set period of time.
  • Your physio will tailor treatment depending on your injury or condition, and track progress over the duration of your rehab block. We will always prioritise rehab exercises performed under supervision, along with other physio treatment where required
  • This takes the guess work out of performing exercises at home, and will keep you on track and performing exercise safely. 
  • Rehab is performed over a 3 week, or 6 week block depending on your needs. If rehab needs to continue for longer as is required for certain surgeries for example,  we will tailor your approach moving forward. 

Our Rehab Programs

Weight Training
  • GLA:D program
    - for osteoarthritis of the hip and knee
  • Shoulder rehab
    - post surgery
    - rotator cuff injuries
    - instability/dislocation
  • High grade ankle sprain/ligament injuries
  • Knee injuries
     - ACL tear (pre + post operative)
     - medial + lateral ligament tear
     - patellofemoral pain/anterior knee pain
  • Muscle tears
    - acute hamstring, quadricep, calf injuries
  • Chronic back pain
  • Balance + falls prevention
  • Osteoporosis + bone density


How do I get started with Rehab?
Simply book an initial physiotherapy appointment in order to get a comprehensive assessment done, prior to starting your rehab. 

Do I need a referral?
No. We accept all clients for rehab. 

Does TAC and worksafe cover rehab services?

Do you accept EPC/(now GPMP) care plans?
Yes. You need a referral from your GP for physiotherapy under any care plan. Please bring the documentation with you so that we can make the claim on the spot!
Can I claim rehab with private health insurance?
Yes! If you have physio extras cover we can swipe your card for on the spot claiming! If you don't have your card that fine too - we will take payment in full and give you an invoice that can be easily claimed through your health insurance provider. 

What should I wear? 
Wearing comfortable and loose clothing is best, in order to move well and freely during exercise

Do I need a water bottle and towel?
Yes please, it is preferable that you bring a small towel and drink bottle with you. 
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