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Sports Physio

Having worked with a number of sports clubs over the last 10 years, we are highly qualified to treat a range of sports injuries. 

All of our physio's are fully accredited with AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. 
Sports Injury
Leg Injury

Sport Injuries we treat

Shoulder dislocation
AC shoulder joint sprain
Rotator cuff injury
Knee injuries
ACL tears
Ankle injuries
Ankle instability
Hip related pain
Muscle tears
Back sprain
Elbow and wrist injuries
Concusion management


Physio FAQs

Do I need a referral?
No. We accept all clients. If you have been referred by another health professional please bring any documentation and correspondents with you. 

Can I get treatment through TAC or workcover?
Yes. If you have a claim number, please bring it to your first appointment. If possible, let us know at the time of making your appointment. 

Can the physio refer for imaging such as x-rays and ultrasound?
The best place to start is getting a comprehensive assessment within your initial appointment. If the physio deems it appropriate they can refer for necessary imaging including x-rays, ultrasound and MRI. 

Can I claim with private health insurance?
Yes! If you have physio extras cover we can swipe your card for on the spot claiming! If you don't have your card that fine too - we will take payment in full and give you an invoice that can be easily claimed through your health insurance provider. 

Do you accept EPC/(now GPMP) care plans?
Yes. You need a referral from your GP for physiotherapy under any care plan. Please bring the documentation with you so that we can make the claim on the spot!

What should I wear? 
If possible, wearing comfortable and loose clothing is best, bearing in mind that we may need to look at the body part being assessed, or that we may perform exercise therapy. 
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