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We treat a wide range of sporting related injuries. 

These may take the form of acute traumatic events, overuse injury, contact related injury, sprains and strains. 

Is is important to get an accurate diagnosis in a timely manner to return to play safely as soon as possible. 

Some common sporting related injuries we treat and rehab include: 

 - fracture management or post surgical rehabilitation

 - knee ligament injuries - ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL tears

 - ankle ligament tears (rolled ankle)

 - soft tissue strains and tears such as hamstrings, calf

 - overuse tendon injuries

 - patellofemoral pain (non-traumatic knee pain)

 - hip and groin pain

 - shoulder related pain and injury

 - rotator cuff tears, dislocation, SLAP tears

 - low back pain

Private health rebates are available for our services. 

Leg Injury
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